What have you got hidden inside that brain of yours? You will never know. There is so much. Do you ever think about your thinking and how all the stuff you have hiding in your brain got there? Do you know how you sort out your thoughts?

Find a word or a picture where you have no idea what it means. Try and see what your brain tells you about it. What could it be? Make yourself think about it …push your thinking. See if you can see patterns or not. Shades of grey or colours. Regular shapes or not.

Think about your thinking. You will find that you have many ideas hiding in your brain and you just don’t know what you have until you push yourself to think hard!

What strategies do you use to help you find what is hiding in that brain of yours?

Can you share some of them with your neighbor?


Have you got a space that you like to escape to when the world gets too much for you? Do you take yourself there or is it a place in your head where you daydream and escape?

What are the things that trigger the need to want to hide? Do you know? Can you think about this a little more? Write down some of these triggers on a piece of paper and as you do it fold the paper so that you hide what you have written. Keep writing and folding until you have your paper folded into a tiny piece. Take it home and hide it where no one can find it. Don't forget where you hid it. Go back and have a look at what is hidden on there in 6 months time. Do these things still trigger your desire to hide? Have you learnt how to manage some of the triggers on your page better? I wonder


Find your self a piece of plain paper and a pencil.

Draw some patterns on the page. Cover the paper so there aren’t too many white spaces.

Now hide 7/8 objects within your design and see if your mates can find what you have hidden.

Don’t forget to make a master list so you don't forget what you hid and where you hid it!