windowLook outside your window.

What can you see? How connected are the things you see outside? See how many connections you can make?

A caterpillar and a butterfly?

A table and a chair?

A bird and a nest ?

A bee and a flower?

A vehicle and a road?

Try to make 20 or so connections. Is it easy or…?

Look outside your window.

What outside makes your heart sing? What makes you feel happy?

Is it the sun shining or the wind blowing?

Is it the clouds moving or the rain falling?

Is it the flowers blooming or the fresh air or the sense of freedom outside?

Do you know? Think about this a while.

Can you think of some times when you have been sitting looking out the window but not able to go outside? When you were a child? Now? What stops you??

Make a little list of those memories…

Do you know why you couldn’t go out?

Look outside your window.

Choose something that ‘jumps out’ at you and observe it carefully. Now try to draw it exactly as you see it. Pay close attention to the shape and colour.

Can you draw without lifting your pencil off the page until you have completed the drawing?

Outside? Inside?

There are two views.

We can choose which one we focus upon.

Do you ever find that you choose to look at the same things every time you look? Think about your ‘looking’ habits.

Can you change one thing? Instead of looking at the big scene outside can you focus on a small detail and think about where that small part fits into the big picture?

Now can you look at the inside scene. Do the same thing.

Do you approach looking in the same way each time?

Which one makes you think the most - inside or outside?